Morris, kitty brofur of Sweet Alexandria, is at the Bridge


UsurpingToby: What point is there in witholding treats? I mean, we can't read a calendar. Sounds like animal cruelty to me. Oct 13, 2019 7:32:43 GMT
AJ & Tori: Good morning everyone Hapy Sunday. Hershey great that you got to go to the doggie treat store. hapydancsmil week sun a4 Oct 13, 2019 10:01:23 GMT
HannaBelle: week sun Yesterday was gorgeous....sunny, crisp and cool! Loved it! Today warmed up and cloudy! Enjoy the day! xoxo 3519810vy53yynamg Oct 13, 2019 15:37:26 GMT
PooksMolly: a11 Happy Sunday!! We have a beautiful sunny Fall day cupid smiley this is a cutie :) Oct 13, 2019 16:54:16 GMT
Hershey/Winkie: We lost 15* today! But it didn't matter. Silly lazy mommy only wanted to camp on the couch and nap and look at her confuser all day. Daddy will be home tomorrow! clrdstars Oct 14, 2019 2:29:26 GMT
UsurpingToby: Our Mom was feeling lousy today and spent time sitting and staring...and not even at the computer. Just staring. Least she could have done was throw some balls for me. Oct 14, 2019 3:33:43 GMT
Hershey/Winkie: hug fur your mom, hug Oct 14, 2019 3:58:17 GMT
AJ & Tori: Good morning everyone Happy Monday oh Toby sorry mommy is feeling lousy today we hope she gets to feeling better sending hugs to your mommy week mon hug 3519810vy53yynamg Oct 14, 2019 10:42:45 GMT
PooksMolly: pillowfight Happy Monday 389617rg42ws5l4j Hope everyone and everyfur is feeling fine grouphugsmly Oct 14, 2019 14:31:28 GMT
HannaBelle: O_o Hey, those white paws on background look like mine! :D Usurping Toby seems like mom might be sad. Give her some kisses! hug It's back to warm and humid here. scary9 Oct 14, 2019 15:49:37 GMT
UsurpingToby: You may be right about Mom. Even though Geordie is doing much better, I think she might still be wrung out over how stressful the past few weeks have been. Today she seemed more normal. Oct 15, 2019 3:34:33 GMT
UsurpingToby: Wait, scratch that "normal" comment. This morning Mom woke up laughing because in her dream, zombieism arrived in Gotham City, and all the zombies were very colorful and criminally insane like Batman bad guys. Ha! Oct 15, 2019 3:36:01 GMT
Laila: 2546239berjip8jgg Oct 15, 2019 5:27:50 GMT
AJ & Tori: Good morning Happy Tuesday. Toby we are glad mommy seemed more normal today. You had us laughing about mommy laughing because her her dream, zombieism arrived in Gotham City week tue 1043864kvakm5vh4t Oct 15, 2019 10:29:46 GMT
HannaBelle: Oh No....zombieism!!!!! :o Oct 15, 2019 15:43:39 GMT
PooksMolly: 1578512basiuatr3h Have a Terrific Tuesday Everyfur and Everyone smilesmile Oct 15, 2019 15:48:25 GMT
Buddy: Hope everyone is having a pawsome day! Oct 15, 2019 16:46:45 GMT
Ætheling: Mama loves it when she wakes up laughing after a silly dream! Oct 15, 2019 17:49:50 GMT
PooksMolly: clrdstars Happy early evening singinintherain no rain yet but maybe later :) Oct 15, 2019 22:49:40 GMT
Clarabelle: Hugs for your mommy, ! Oct 15, 2019 23:03:44 GMT
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