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PooksMolly: We have bright sun and about 2 inches of powdered snow. Mommy has shoveled our paths out back and the one side of the sidewalks out by the street side. Have a Super Friday blues clues :) Barking Dog :) ::) :) :-X Feb 14, 2020 14:55:31 GMT
Hershey/Winkie: Ut-uh, I hope can find a door here that will open fur her! Feb 14, 2020 22:32:59 GMT *
Hershey/Winkie: happy gotcha day to !! t3356 Feb 14, 2020 22:34:16 GMT
UsurpingToby: Thank you for my yummy cake and Valentine from Snoopy!!! Feb 14, 2020 23:43:00 GMT
Laila: **UPDATE)** you know mom gets bored easily (thus the different banners), so she changed the backgrounds in Pet Chat, Kitty Corral and Here Doggy. If you don't like them and would like your old ones back, just let her know, she saved them. Feb 15, 2020 3:44:06 GMT *
Laila: Or if you want something different too. just let her know. (Y'all might night get bored and want your old ones back and that's ok too.) Or if you'd like something like just paw prints. Feb 15, 2020 3:44:27 GMT *
TORI: Good morning everyone Happy Saturday sorry I was missing Toby Gotcha Day and Valentine's Day was having trouble getting into site but working for me today week sat3 gmorn Feb 15, 2020 11:08:12 GMT
rosco: OH MY GOODNESS, THE DARK BRIGHT-COLORED BANNER AND BACKGROUND ARE GORGEOUS!!!! I haven't gone into the threads yet to see the others :) Tori, glad you got back in! Feb 15, 2020 14:40:55 GMT
rosco: Toby, I didn't know I missed your Gotcha Day! Belated happy gotcha day wishes! happy gotcha day Feb 15, 2020 14:41:48 GMT
PooksMolly: yaysmiles WOW!! the banner and background are PAWSOME gmorn Today is Mollys 15th Birthday :) She is equal to an 83 yr old human!! Feb 15, 2020 15:46:20 GMT *
HannaBelle: O_o everyfur! Just poppin' in to say Hi and hope everyfur had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Love the heart background! xoxo bubbles Feb 15, 2020 15:56:15 GMT
Laila: 8D MOLLY!! Hope you're pawrents spoil you today! t3356 week sat3 Feb 15, 2020 16:32:57 GMT
rosco: O_o Hanna Belle! :| So glad to see you! I miss you!
Hey, Molly, 8D Enjoy your day of celebration!
Feb 15, 2020 16:54:21 GMT *
UsurpingToby: Happy Birthday, Molly!! Feb 15, 2020 18:52:30 GMT
Hershey/Winkie: OMD, , the neon hearts are spectacular!! thanks Feb 16, 2020 1:05:54 GMT *
Hershey/Winkie: 8D Molly!!! You go, gurl!! Feb 16, 2020 1:14:02 GMT
TORI: Good morning everyone Happy Sunday. Macy forget my message I finally got back in after getting the error box again. Happy Birthday Molly 8D week sun3 t3356 Feb 16, 2020 10:32:15 GMT
PooksMolly: O_o and thank you all for the Happy Birthdays for Molly thanks glad you are back! I sent a message about something also. She must be busy. We have a sunny and sometimes cloudy start to the day/ You all have a Super Saturday ::) Feb 16, 2020 15:38:10 GMT
HannaBelle: t3356 Happy Birthday, Molly! One of my hu-bros got married!! P-) Rosco, I miss you, too! :| Enjoy your day, everyfur! xoxo Feb 16, 2020 17:20:24 GMT
UsurpingToby: Wow, congratulations to your hu-bro, HannaBelle! Feb 16, 2020 21:44:54 GMT
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